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Join the Ann Miller Legacy Society

When Ann Miller founded the Maryland Food Bank in 1979, she thought we'd only need five years to end hunger in Maryland. She continued to fight for that goal until her passing in 2013 at the age of 97, touching countless lives along the way.

The Ann Miller Legacy Society recognizes those who, like Ann, choose to leave a lasting impact on hunger in Maryland through a legacy bequest to the Maryland Food Bank.

Your legacy gift - whether in your will or another part of your estate - ensures your assets are put to the best philanthropic use and distributed in a way that reflects your beliefs and values. Some giving options provide current or future tax benefits to you or your estate, and some can provide lifetime income to you or your family. No matter how you give, you'll continue to impact the lives of hungry Marylanders.

Like Ann Miller, you have a vision of a better Maryland. Plan your gift now to help make that vision a reality.